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I’m posting this in-between exams so I hope it’s coherent…

I fell in love with MATCHED, the dystopian 1984-esque world, and the two boys who fall for Cassia. I’m going to warn you now; huge complaints from people have been that the book was too slow, boring, and action was nilch. This reminded a bit of what I said about PEGASUS by Robin McKinley; the book was more like an introduction to the characters, the world, and the action to come. Except in this case, the action does not come until the last 30 pages or so.

Cassia lives in a world where everything is decided for her; her meal portions, uniformed outfits, and who she will marry. After her Matching ceremony a glitch on her viewscreen reveals another boys face for a moment, the boy she is not meant to be with. Or is she? And following the death of her grandfather, Cassia begins to question all of the rules and laws that govern her life.

When I first started reading I was able to put this book down several times and come back to it… until Ky entered the story. He is mysterious, intelligent, and he quietly rebels against the Society. Their chemistry is palpable and sometimes I wanted to yell at Cassia to DO something even though I know she can’t. It wasn’t until the end that I felt Cassia woke up and the story really began. I also fell in love with Xander, her Match, who seems to be more free-thinking than he lets on. The only complaint I have, which really isn’t a complaint, is that I wanted to know more about the Outer Provinces. There is so much information there and I know Condie will go into it more in the next book but the waiting is torture. I really fell in the love with the characters and the huge story that I know is coming, don’t let the comments on the pacing put you off! You can get MATCHED on Amazon today! (Or your local bookstoreJ)


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